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Not Thought Through Productions is an Independent Film & TV UK Production Company mainly focusing on Comedy and Drama. 

Christian Stevens
Company Director


projects -
in pre-produ

Written by Christian Stevens 

Format: Short Film

Genre:  Black Comedy

Logline:  A young man’s life is abruptly thrown into disarray when the girl he loses his virginity to accuses him of rape. 

Set: Present Day

Comparables: Primal Fear, Doubt, The Hunt

* Currently in Pre-Production in association with House of Create - Filming in July 2024.



Directed by Dan Löwenstein 

Christian Stevens 

Will Gibson (Saltburn) 

in development

Created and Written by Christian Stevens 

Format: TV Series (8 Episodes, 48-60 minutes)

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Logline: Four immature school friends explore the troubles and tribulations of adult life whilst attempting to find their unique places in the world and mature into responsible, fully developed adults.  

Set: Modern Day: London, Oxford, Krakow (Autumn, Winter)

Comparables: Atlanta, Fleabag, Master of None, Sex Education.

Imagine the awkwardness of The Inbetweeners, the self-awareness of Fleabag and the camaraderie of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 


"Not Fully Developed" - 60 Second Pitch by Christian Stevens
Written by Christian Stevens 

Format: Feature Film

Genre:  Black Comedy

Logline:  Three friends who have been inter-railing around Europe and are on their way to Amsterdam for New Year’s Eve find themselves unexpectedly trapped in Copenhagen.

Set: Present Day

Comparables: In Bruges, The Hangover, Due Date, The Darjeeling Limited

Written by Christian Stevens 

Format: Feature Film

Genre:  Black Comedy

Logline:  A sweet, intellectually-behind young man brings about changes to his quiet coastal English town and his directionless friends by standing up to a brute dating the girl he has always loved.   

Set: Present Day (Cornwall)

Comparables: The Banshees of Insheeran, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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